Your comments

You know, i did try the examples. I downloaded the trial just to see if it would do what I want, and It certainly did, but I was just building structure. i am to the point I'm going to start building layers, but when i try running any of the examples it fails to execute. And it's strange because if I start working backwards, I can't figure out why it's not working. the text looks correct. But as soon as I try to build a layer, i get trouble. even using the blueprint example, it 'mostly' works, but it doesn't follow the last set of instructions, so the last grid isn't created.

I haven't had a lot of time to work with it yet, so it could be something simple. The only thing i can think is it's borking because of how I'm grabbing the text, but I've put it in an rtf to recognize the tabs, and it ignores them no matter what I paste them into. Then even if I recreate the spaces manually so it's nested right it doesn't work. It's bizarre.

I assume that it works until it fails, meaning it's not an all or nothing, if there are 10 layers to build, and the 8th one has bad syntax etc, it would still build 7. But sometimes it doesn't do anything.

I'll work through it a little and see what i get. But I can tell without question this thing is worth whatever i need to do to fix it. i can't express loudly enough how much I look forwarding to a library of files and not template projects. i can think of 4 different default sets right of the bat.

but more so than this, I want to start using this as a constructor, not just a template set. So i can storyboard a project, determine the layers, comps etc i need, and write the entire structure in Hyle, so when i go to actually open AE, I've got most of my labor stuff done.

i'll follow up. If it matters, I'm using AE CC