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Teddy Gage 4 years ago • updated by Sébastien Lavoie 4 years ago 1
Hi would there be a way to trigger a Hyle script using the icon shortcuts within ft-toolbar 2? I am going to do some experimenting myself, and report back. Just got the script, looks very promising. Keep it up, I think this has the potential to be a "must-have" script
Frederic Simons 3 years ago 0
Hello Seb,
I just discover Hyle and I try to use your trial install but I have an error.

I use AE CS6 and other plugin/script work fine.
Can you help me with my problem because I don't want to order if a paid version has buggy.

Thank you!
lhak1341 1 year ago 0

I test the example code of


- name: The fetched comp
id: 1
- name: The main comp
- fetch: 1

But rather than fetching 'The fetched comp' to the other comp, it creates a solid in 'The main comp'.

Under review
deastman 3 years ago • updated by Sébastien Lavoie 3 years ago 1
I'm trying to modify the mask example so that it adds a mask to the selected layer, rather than creating a new layer.  I know I'm missing something simple, but I've been banging my head against this for quite a while now.  I would have thought that the following would work, but it doesn't.  The script completes without error, but nothing is created.

  - inverted: true
    name: My mask
    feather: [10, 10]
    opacity: 50
    expansion: 20
      type: ellipse
      width: 1280
      height: 720
      position: [0, 0]
Theo22 4 years ago • updated by Sébastien Lavoie 4 years ago 1


I'm very impressed with the potential that Hyle has. But the amount of effects it addresses currently is limited. 

Will Hyle in the future also be able to address external plugins like the Red Giant plugins in After Effects?

Sergey Stukov 4 years ago • updated by Sébastien Lavoie 4 years ago 1

JT Thompson 4 years ago • updated by Sébastien Lavoie 4 years ago 3

I'm curious if you have a list of example snippets? I really like this idea, in fact I LOVE it, but I'm curious to see who might have come up with nice ways to use this. My only generation to date is a simple structure automating how I start all projects essentially folders, and creating a couple layers. but I'd like to see how deep people get with it.

Building projects always starts with a basic framework and I have a routine but this thing means I no longer have to build template projects, and I can just have template hyle imports, and change things as they evolve which is fantastic.

So does anyone have any personal examples to share?

Theo22 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 2

IHyle is a bit comparable with Production Assistant for Vegas, but probably has more potention. Will Hyle also become available in Vegas (which also works with scripts?

EarlGrey 4 years ago • updated by Sébastien Lavoie 4 years ago 1
i need to convert a buch of adobe illustrator layers into shape layers, but i don´t have any clue of scripting nor the time to learn it. I need to animate big bunch of of layer that need to be converted to shape layers first. Converting by hand makes me go insane :(

Can someone help me?
Under review
Дмитрий Деулин 2 years ago • updated by Sébastien Lavoie 2 years ago 1